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Azzaro Chrome Deodorant Stick Deodorants & Antiperspirants Deodorant Azzaro Chrome Deodorant Stick - Experience lasting freshness with the Chrome Deodorant Stick. Its alcohol-free formula blends citrus, rosemary, pineapple, neroli, and bergamot scents for a refined fragrance, offering effective protection against body odor. This deodorant is not just about smelling good - it's about exuding confidence and style. Make the Chrome Deodorant Stick your daily ally for well-being.

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Established by Loris Azzaro, Azzaro is a celebrated perfume brand, renowned for its sophisticated fragrances. The men’s line, featuring signature scents like Azzaro Pour Homme and Azzaro Wanted, mirrors elegance and sensuality. Women’s fragrances, including Azzaro Pour Elle, Eau Belle, and Mademoiselle Azzaro, echo femininity and charm.

Azzaro’s Mediterranean roots, rich in sunlight, vibrant colors, and captivating scents, shaped the brand’s “celebration of life” ethos. After crossing paths with Michelle Carsy, who became his wife and muse, Azzaro’s designs captivated discerning women, sealing the brand’s reputation for creativity.

Moving to Paris in 1962, Azzaro’s innovative couture, including draped bustiers and sheath wraparound evening gowns, became a sensation. His Anneau dress featured on Elle magazine’s cover in December 1968, catapulting him to global fame.

The brand unveiled its first fragrance, Azzaro Couture, in 1975, and the men’s fragrance, Azzaro Pour Homme, in 1978. The 1996 release of Chrome, a refreshing men’s scent, was an instant global success.

Post Loris Azzaro’s passing in 2003, the brand has thrived under various artistic directors, modernizing while preserving its identity. Continuing to innovate, Azzaro revitalized its Fragrances line in 2016, and launched new fragrances, like Wanted By Night in 2018 and Wanted Girl in 2019.

Inspired by Azzaro’s adage, “life is an endless summer,” the brand stands out in the perfume industry with its instinctive creation process, collaborations with gifted creators, and commitment to quality. These meticulous efforts have culminated in unique, irresistible fragrances that distinctly represent the Azzaro brand.